Writer, Producer, Speaker, Technologist, and Nutritionist

Who is Mohammad?

Mohammad Hamdan Almutairi (in Arabic: محمد بن حمدان بن دخيل الله المطيري), AKA in Arabic: (محمد المطيري, أبو جاسم), was born in Saudi Arabia on 28 June 1976, he is a Writer, Producer, Speaker, Technologist, and Nutritionist, who has spent his entire life improving his skills and teaching himself by reading then reading more, this has expanded his knowledge base In addition to his passion for reading and then helping others by conveying his knowledge to them through his speeches.

As a talkative man, Mohammad was able to pave the way for himself to become a well-known author and public speaker; it didn't take him tens of years to realize how much he loved to influence people through his writings and speeches, and today, no matter how strong his passion for anything is, nothing compares to Mohammad's passion for this.

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Mohammad Hamdan Almutairi
Mohammad Hamdan Almutairi
Mohammad Hamdan Almutairi
Do not lose hope in yourself: Mohammad weighed more than 130 kg one day, and with persistence, determination and effort, and following the correct diet and proper sleeping methods, he was able to reduce his weight to 70 kg in just four months, Mohammad will be more than happy to offer advice and set a schedule of guidelines that will help you achieve better results in your weight loss as well.

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Clear vision

Through his years of experience, Mohammad Hamdan Almutairi learnt that he needed a vision of what he wanted to be and where he wanted to be. He describes his vision as being at a place where he can help people and be great.

He acknowledges that he received a lot of help growing up and that he has always been self-motivated and driven.

Being a good thinker has led him always think practically. Hence, whenever he speaks now, his words are often organized and rhythmic. While there are millions of writers out there, Mohammad has a distinct style of writing.


Clear vision

Never give up, communicate

Mohammad believes that being an independent author for a long time gave him the freedom to express all of his thoughts, which were driven by his talent, through his writings. Because he had no connections at the time, he did not see much financial success at first, but that was not a reason for him to give up; no one gives up their dreams, he says.

According to Mohammad, the incidence of depression among people has increased to the point where it has become a threat to all of humanity; however, even though everyone now has the latest technological tools in his hands, he still feels like he is missing something, that thing that he cannot know and is not satisfied with his loss, which is face-to-face communication.


Never give up

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